EU4Business: Connecting Companies

SUstainability and circular economy in the textile sector

On 6 October Eurochambres, coordinator of the EU4Business: Connecting Companies (EU4BCC) project, organized a hybrid event along with the Textile Consortium of the project. The event, held in Kaunas, Lithuania, focused on sustainability and circular economy within the sector.

At the beginning of 2022 a new EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles was adopted. The Strategy aims to create a greener, more competitive sector that is more resistant to global shocks. The event allowed for a broad discussion upon this strategy and how it directly affects the sector and partnerships.

Moreover, interventions from representatives of the textile consortium addressed the challenges and solutions that the textile sector is facing, focusing on the EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles, business models in the industry and the implementation of innovation. Examples of this would be the recycling of materials to create more sustainable clothing, as well as the implementation of Artificial Intelligence for the enhancement of the industry as a whole. Emphasis was placed on the skills upgrading, which has been part of the Key Performance Indicators of the textile sector within the EU4BCC project.

From finished projects like “WINVEST BELARUS”, to ongoing ones like “Textile Alliances”, the EU4BCC project allows for a joint development of new services and skills upgrade through actions such as study visits between the EU and the Eastern Partnership.

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