EU4Business: Connecting Companies


From 20 to 24 May 2024, a group of 40 participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine embarked on an enriching experience in Tallinn, Estonia, focusing on Digital Marketing and Social Media. This event, part of the EU4Business: Connecting Companies (EU4BCC) project, included 25 SMEs, 10 Business Support Organisations (BSOs), and representatives of the five national Chambers of Commerce and Industry from these countries. 

The SME and BSO tour provided a comprehensive look into Estonia’s digital ecosystem. Participants had the opportunity to hear from e-Estonia and e-Residency representatives and learn about the benefits of starting a business remotely in Estonia. Prominent organisations in Tallinn shared best practices in digitalisation services, offering expert guidance on contemporary marketing strategies and digital trends. 

This immersive five-day experience included extensive workshops and training sessions. Over two days, participants developed digital marketing strategies and social media calendars for their businesses through practical exercises. These sessions were hosted in various tech and creative spaces across Tallinn, showcasing best practices in space organisation and providing rich educational opportunities. 

One of the highlights of the tour was the visit to Latitude59, the biggest tech and startup conference in the Baltics. This event offered invaluable insights into the latest technological advancements and business trends, making it a cornerstone of the tour. 

For many participants, it was a journey that left a lasting impression. 

“It was a great experience to be part of the EU4Business: Connecting Companies study visit to Tallinn, Estonia. The visit provided new perspectives on development, innovation, and digitalisation, showcasing Estonia’s advanced business environment. Attending the Latitude59 event was particularly enlightening, offering insights into the latest technological advancements and business trends. This experience will greatly benefit Agri LLC, helping us to incorporate innovative practices and drive forward our commitment to sustainable development and premium honey production.” – a representative of Agri LLC. 

Networking was one of the main elements of the tour. Participants had numerous opportunities to connect with European businesses, digital ecosystem leaders, and innovative Estonian startups. These interactions opened doors for collaboration and innovation, as highlighted by participant testimonials: 

“Our engagement at Latitude59 has paved the way for new partnerships, innovative ideas, and growth opportunities for the Georgian startup ecosystem. We are inspired by the vibrant community and the forward-thinking individuals we had the pleasure to meet.” – a representative of the Georgian Startups Association. 

The Digital Marketing and Social Media tour in Tallinn was more than just an educational trip; it was a catalyst for growth and collaboration. This experience successfully inspired participants, created valuable connections, and equipped them with new skills in digital marketing and social media. These new skills are expected to accelerate their business growth and development in the near future. 

“From winemakers to blockchain memory bank startups and business enabling organisations, we shared, we learned, and enriched each other.” – a representative of Tech Sapiens.