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Embrace the Cinematic Adventure! 

An exceptional opportunity awaits for SMEs and freelancers from the EaP working in the film industry. Take one step forward and dive into the 15th edition of the renowned independent film festival “Kino Pavasaris” (Vilnius IFF).  

This immersive tour is not only a cultural and artistic journey but also a strategic platform for SMEs and freelancers in the film industry to creative inspiration, expand professional networks, and unlocks doors to new markets. 

The programme of the SME Tour will include active participation in the main events of Meeting Point – Vilnius, B2B matchmaking session with pre-arranged meetings, engaging visit to relevant local stakeholders. 

Key Details: 

  • Who: 28 SMEs from the EaP operating in the film industry. 
  • Where: Vilnius, Lithuania. 
  • When: 23 – 28 March 2024. 
  • Cost: Selected participants can join the tour at no cost. 

What are the benefits of joining this delegation?  

  1. Inspiration and Creativity: Exposure to the diverse and cutting-edge world of independent cinema at Vilnius IFF can ignite fresh ideas and creative inspiration. SMEs and freelancers can draw insights from innovative storytelling and cinematography techniques, which can be applied to their own projects within the creative industry. 
  2. Networking and Collaboration: The festival serves as a hub for industry professionals, filmmakers, and artists. Attending SMEs and freelancers have the opportunity to network, forge valuable connections, and explore potential collaborations with fellow creatives, distributors, and film industry experts. Investors and distributors are of extreme importance for the EaP movie industry. These connections can lead to future collaborations and business opportunities. 
  3. Market Expansion: The film festival offers a platform to showcase their work to a diverse and international audience. SMEs in the creative industry can use this exposure to expand their market reach, attract new clients, and potentially secure international partnerships or distribution deals. 
  4. Industry Insights: Attendees can gain valuable insights into the current trends and emerging opportunities in the movie industry. They can attend screenings, panel discussions, and workshops that provide a deeper understanding of industry dynamics, distribution strategies, and emerging technologies, helping them stay competitive and innovative.