EU4Business: Connecting Companies


The EU4Business: Connecting Companies project will be essentially organised on a sectoral basis. This will allow a more strategic approach, targeting the specific needs and opportunities of each sector, and allow for the creation of alliances between EU and EaP businesses on a sectoral – and therefore more specific – basis. The selected sectors are: Wine, Bio/Organic Food, Textile, Tourism and Creative Industries.

5 Sectorial Consortia were created through a call for proposals which selected Chambers that have the area of expertise in one of the mentioned sectors and aim at piloting the implementation of the long term strategy and the policy recommendations developed by Board of Experts towards improving the competitiveness of the sector covered.

Each consortium will then issue its own calls in order to assign the implementation of the activities (B2B matching, twinning, study visits) to the partnerships applying for a sub-grant.

Click on the icons below to see detailed information (Guidelines, Sector strategy…) on each sector.