EU4Business: Connecting Companies

Activities 2024

The EU4BUSINESS: CONNECTING COMPANIES project is scheduled to continue until December 2024, and we are excited to introduce a fresh series of activities. These initiatives are designed to cater to the interests and needs of both Business Support Organisations (BSOs) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  

These activities promise enriching experiences and valuable opportunities for all participants involved. For further details, please refer to the information below and explore the dedicated section on the website: 

  1. OPEN-DOORS MOBILITY FOR BSOS: An enriching study visit in Belgium for BSOs from the EaP, including visits to local stakeholders, BSO2BSO speed meetings, and a specialised training session on “How to work with policymakers in shaping SME Policies”.
  2. SME TOUR TO MEETING POINT – VILNIUS: An exceptional opportunity for SMEs and freelancers from the EaP working in the film industry. This initiative provides a platform for creative inspiration, expands professional networks, and opens doors to new markets.
  3. STUDY VISIT FOR THE TEXTILE SECTOR: A study visit, including B2B meetings, organized for SMEs from the EaP operating in the Textile Sector. This activity will be integrated into an international trade fair to enhance business opportunities.
  4. SME AND BSO TOUR ON DIGITAL MARKETING AND SOCIAL MEDIA: Crafted to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to promote products and services, this study visit will include a capacity-building workshop, a B2B matchmaking activity, and insightful visits to relevant stakeholders.
  5. SME AND BSO TOUR FOCUSED ON ORGANIC FOOD AND WINE: A transformative journey primarily for SMEs and selected BSOs from the EaP. The tour will revolve around a captivating international event within the EU, offering an export-oriented workshop and facilitating impactful B2B meetings

Participation in all these activities is completely free of charge for you. The project will cover all expenses, including travel, accommodation, meals, and visa costs. You can take part without any financial burden. 

If you are interested in participating in any of these activities, fill in the following form: