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Don’t miss out the opportunity and ride the digital wave! 

In today’s competitive landscape, digital marketing and social media are not just tools, they are essential pathways to success for SMEs. Staying up to date on these trends is crucial for all players in the business ecosystem. BSOs are specially pivotal as they must be equipped to provide high-quality services in this domain. That’s precisely why we’re thrilled to announce the SME and BSO Tour focused on Digital Marketing and Social Media. 

This initiative will last for five days and it is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge required to harness the power of digital marketing and social media for promoting their products and services effectively. 

Event Details: 

  • Who: 25 SMEs and 10 BSOs from the EaP. The delegation will be accompanied by a representative of each National Chamber of Commerce and Industry from the EaP. 
  • Where: EU – Destination country to be confirmed at a later stage 
  • When: May 2024 (Exact dates to be confirmed) 
  • Duration: 5 days 

What are the benefits of participating in this initiative?  

For SMEs, they will have the chance to understand customers’ online behaviour patterns, enabling businesses to tailor their marketing approaches to meet consumer expectations and preferences. Furthermore, they will get hands-on trainings, practical workshops and sessions to shape their digital marketing strategies and be updated on the latest trends in the digital landscape.  

For BSOs, it will be an opportunity to acquire precious knowledge to provide more comprehensive guidance and resources to their member businesses. 

Finally, both SMEs and BSOs will have the opportunity to learn from top-notch experts , build strategic partnerships to foster the digitalization process, and increase their network of contacts. 

Key Details: 

  • Who: 25 SMEs, 10 relevant BSOs, 1 representative from each EaP National Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 
  • Where: Brussels, Belgium 
  • When: May 2024 (Exact dates to be confirmed) 
  • Cost: nothing! The selected participants can take part in the tour for free. 

If you are looking forward to becoming a digital marketing expert and make your business grow, join our tour! To express your interest and secure your spot, please submit your details: